2014-2018, video installation, dimension variable (Son : Yannick Dauby)

Memories after traveling can be dynamic and static, just like a carousel. Carousels are also known as Merry Go Rounds and are a kind of amusement park ride. These amusement parks are childhood memories shared all over the world. The earliest carousel, appeared in the Byzantine Empire. Now, the carousel can be seen all over the world. The French expatriate, Chang Chunyi filmed scenes in different neighborhoods of Paris and named it as "Carousel" only in a sound rather than a semantic way. It is designed to present a state of constant rotation, however there is no one there. It doesn’t seem to start or end. They circulate in their own time, and because of the dynamics of continuous expansion, they present a sense of time that is mixed, advancing, or even retrogressing.

Site : http://www.keelungbiennale.com.tw

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