Wall Climber─Reading Capsule

2018, paper book, audio-book, mixed media (wood, LED, acrylics, iPod touch, earphone), dimension variable (Wall Climber is written by Yi-Chin LO)

Wall Climber is particularly written by the novelist Yi-Chin LO for the Daily+ ― 2018 Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art. The novel focuses on the spaces of the exhibition sites composed of old houses, mixing with the writing on what had happened here. As the first invited work of the biennial, the novel serves as a reference of inspiration for the invited artists. Curateur-artist Chun-Yi CHANG attempts to transform the novel based on the exhibition sites into different forms of demonstration and reading, including "Reading Capsule" as paper book reading area in Our Museum, "Daily + Satellite Station" (e-book and audiobook) as micro-casework on tour among the joint art organisms, and "Guide of Wall Climbing" as scattered inscriptions engraved with spatial significance describing the sites to which the text can be returned anew.

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