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Text / CHANG Chun-Yi

The world to come must be that of the languages in between: not of a dominant language, but of the translation activating the resources of the languages in relation to each other. The languages will discover each other and reset themselves to work in order to pass from one to the other–– François Jullien

Programmed in HTML and composed of media languages, Neo-mediamen is an interactive text based on the art critic KAO Chien-Hui's allegorical fiction, Sanjusangen-do Temple.* The fiction serves as a metaphor for the phenomenon of internet media and ecology of contemporary art in times of pandemic. By visual symbols and idioms circulating on the internet, Neo-mediamen employs internet media models with hyperlinks and interactive functions, such as situation selection, online voting, psychological testing, for dummies and content farms, etc. With a reader’s/user’s repeated reading/choices, the online work allows the original narrative to be gradually deconstructed, differentiated, reconstructed, and finally, to be developed into a text with multiple narrative perspectives. In each browser window similar to a scrolling maze, each choice opens a path with many nodes connected to different situations directing to different neo-poleis of media (Bang Bang State, Leader Aboard, Singularity, Convert Room and Churning Milky Sea) where spread all over various nodes leading to other places. In the process of triggering, connecting and exchanging are constructed layers of narrative loops to interpret the situation between human behaviors and internet media that have interpenetrated and been inextricably intertwined for a long time.     

*The original texts of Sanjusangen-do Temple were published in the column of KAO Chien-Huei’s creative art reviews from 2018/12 to 2021/07 on the website of ARTouch.

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Concept / Web Designer : Chun-Yi CHANG
Projet Coordinator : Yunting CHANG, Sz-Yu LU
Consultation on Internet Technical Resource : Sense-Info
Thanks / Consultant : Chien-Hui KAO, Tsanangpu
Supporting Agency : Ministry of Culture, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
Social Media Promotion : diArtlogue

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