Fairy’s Lake #2

2014, video, HD 16:9, color, sound, loop

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The vacuous lake gives an unreal aura, and the forest is barely discernible in the play of light and shadow. Dressed in red, a girl trails around the trees as she immerses herself in number-counting, her voice lingering in the unrest of rustling leaves. The Fairy's Lake series originated from a hide-and-seek game on the riverside. When the hiders disperse and disappear, the seeker becomes conspicuous. The work's visual perspectives are derived from the hiders' peeking points, from which various temporal dimensions are designated in a proliferation of infinitely diverse “instants”. The “instants” liberated from this fracture of moments are no longer tied with chronology of events in the objective sense, they are rather cross-sections of phenomena that ceaselessly return on another temporal plane. The kaleidoscopically emerged “instants” have rid the events of their courses. What happened no longer matters as much as the details that come to fill up the screen. The series invite audience to be attentive to the instants “events” are made up of, and to ponder on the ever-changing immediate moment, the here-now.

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