Candy Wrapper #2

2015-2016, installation video, dimension variable (Son : Yannick Dauby)

Image title

Image titleDo we still remember the taste of childhood? Valentine candy, fudge, Sarsaparilla candy, nougat and chocolate soccer balls, if any of these candies could fill some childhood afternoons with sweet color lighting, then could old time memories also be wrapped in the candy wrapper. The inspiration of ’Candy Wrapper’ came from the giant iron box used for storing refined sugar before sent for packaging in the old Rende Sugar Refinery. The work is based on popular candies commonly seen from the old days in Taiwan. Transforming the lines and colors of candy wrappers into pure visually shaped elements and combined it with the concept of sugar box to present a gorgeous space recreated by the sugar wrappers. The viewer is invited into a world that is constantly changing, re-opening the ancient sugar box while updating memories of the generation.

In the video installation “Candy Wrapper #1”,  there are constantly changing formations of candy wrappers deep in the dark space of the huge sugar box; it sometimes renders random shapes after being kneaded and sometimes transforms into colorful combinations. In the process of continuous folding, dismantling and deforming, the candy wrapper evokes a variety of possibilities for imagination. It then returns to its original candy wrapper form which people are familiar with. The dark sugar box is like an unknown domain of imagination; the beauty and sweetness of candy drives the wheels of fantasy, and covers the taste of sweetness with fancy icing.

“Candy Wrapper#2” kept the crease of the candy wrappers and produced a mechanical panning image, making the candy wrappers look like if it is once again back to the production line conveyor belt, waiting for the procedure of packaging. Inside the sugar box, a space is created by mirrors and the lines and colors of candy wrapper are constantly dismantling, deforming and regenerating in the infinite reflections of the mirrors. Candy wrappers are normally discarded right after the candy is taken out. It has now been brought back to where it came from, re-enters the procedure of packaging, the last stage of making candy. These candies are considered as humble old-time delights, are now covered in gorgeous wrapper inside the sugar box filled with mirrors, and become the colorful image in children’s eyes again.

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