Sky blue, ± 1

2010, video, HD 16:9, color, sound, continuous loop
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[…] My eyes had been the weariest caravan at duskthe earrings have existence on a slant
desire refract light and
time, like mercury, drops to the ground

- Hsia Yu

The heavy fog that shroud one's consciousness is disquieted by intermittent sound of waves, as the scenery slowly emerge from obscurity. The sky has lost its arch, and the sea is compressed into a straight line along with the beach. Like mirage emerging from the heated horizon, the sun glitters on the sea. Whereas things in the distance are confused with those in close range, I glimpse the slanted horizon in a dazzle.

Conceived in Santa Monica Ocean Park on the west coast of US, Sky Blue, ±1 merged the characteristics of still photography and video (the subdued moment vs the extended continuum) in an attempt to render the silent, flowing sense of time in scenery of suspended atmosphere. Sky Blue, on slantiness re-ordered color blocks of sky blue, sienna and ocean green to re-embed the sea horizon between land and sky.


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